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CTNS. Technological Center of Nutrition and Health


The CTNS carries out its own research projects. These projects look for new tools for validating the healthy properties of functional foods.

Purely marketing aspects aside, the success of a functional food depends on its biological efficacy and knowledge of its biological mechanisms. It is important to understand the mechanisms by which functional foods help to prevent the risk factors of the more prevalent pathologies.

The CTNS is carrying out several research projects that aim to make companies and consumers more confident and safer. The main research lines include:

  • Identification and quantification of the nutritional markers of functional foods with special emphasis on cardiovascular pathologies, neurodegeneratives, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.
  • Development of new methodologies for evaluating the effect of bioactive ingredients on genetic material using a Nutrigenomics approach.
  • Study of how individual genetics affect the behaviour and effect of bioactive ingredients. Personalized nutrition.

CTNS. Technological Center of Nutrition and Health

Avda. Universitat, 1

43204 Reus

Tel. +34 977 300 431

Ceics universitat